[jdev] SMTP-style relaying for XMPP?

Artur Hefczyc ajdev at tigase.org
Wed Aug 27 05:10:06 CDT 2008


> Is there something as an XMPP Relay that can be put into the DMZ and
> handels the communication into intranet, where ie a Zimbra is
> installed?
> (If i ask the firewall-guys to open ports from the internet into the
> intranet this will be my last message, ever :) )

The Tigase server is designed to work in this particular scenario.
You can split the server installation into 2 parts:
1. All the connection managers (c2s, s2s, Bosh) in the DMZ
2. The rest of the server (session manager, MUC, PubSub and others)
      in the intranet.

The session manager is responsible for handling user authentication
so it can connect to a database or any other service in your intranet
and does not expose your confidential data to the internet.

Artur Hefczyc

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