[jdev] ANNOUNCE: Loudmouth 1.4.2

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Thu Aug 28 10:32:26 CDT 2008

What is Loudmouth?

Loudmouth is a small C library for writing Jabber clients written using
GLib. It's designed to be extensible while maintaining ease of use.

Fixed issues in Loudmouth 1.4.2

* [LM-64]  - lm_sha_hash not thread safe
* [LM-126] - loudmouth pollutes console with GNUTLS errors using
* [LM-127] - -Werror cause build to fail with gcc 4.3
* [LM-128] - The SSL fingerprint check fails, if the fingerprint
              contains NULL bytes
* [LM-129] - loudmouth/asyncns.c checks for HAVE_STRNDUP, but configure
              doesn't define it
* [LM-130] - lm-sock.c uses non-standard type

You can download Loudmouth 1.4.2 here:


The git repository for Loudmouth is located on github.com:


You can browse the 1.4 branch online here:


The Loudmouth project page:


Contributions are always welcome, just create an account on Github.com, 
branch and request pulls.

The 1.4.x branch will now be the new stable branch and development of 
1.2.x is officially halted.

   Mikael Hallendal

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