[jdev] Initial presence and contact capabilities

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Thu Dec 4 09:01:20 CST 2008

Dnia 2008-12-04, czw o godzinie 14:50 +0100, Jonathan Schleifer pisze:
> Maybe we should have a XEP that allows better exchange of presence  
> between server, that is when the s2s was just established? It often  
> gives timeout and a XEP that would list all JIDs of users from
> server  
> A for which users on server B have subscription could come in handy  
> here, it could have something like:
> <presences>
> <contact jid="foo" type="available"/>
> <contact jid="bar" type="away">Some nice away message</contact>
> <contact jid="offline_user" type="unavailable">Offline message, if
> it  
> was specified on disconnection</contact>
> </presences>

This is possible already without any additional XEP.

Just push <presence/> packets after an S2S connection is established.

And it is implementable both sides.
Your server could also pull all required presence states with
presence-probes to users on rosters of its users.

I am not aware of any server that does that though, but I am not
familiar with the commercial ones.
But... all transports I've written works similar way - pulling all
registered users presences with probes after the T2S
(Transport-2-Server) connection establishment.

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