[jdev] Initial presence and contact capabilities

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Thu Dec 4 11:35:13 CST 2008

> > This is possible already without any additional XEP.
> >
> > Just push <presence/> packets after an S2S connection is established.
> >
> > And it is implementable both sides.
> > Your server could also pull all required presence states with
> > presence-probes to users on rosters of its users.
> That's the problem, the presences are often not synced when an s2s  
> connection is established. Not all presences are pushed out in the s2s  
> connection. And offline presences often aren't as well, so that people  
> are online for ages. Sending all of them, even the offline ones, in  
> one stanza would fix that.

Well, yes...
XMPP RFCs do not mandate described presence synchronisation, but they do
not forbid it also.
These don't have to be in one stanza. You can push presences in multiple
stanzas (one presence per stanza) as usual and it will be handled as

Ergo - It's an implementation issue.

> PS: I'd prefer to continue this discussion on the standards list.

I'm not on Standards anymore.

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