[jdev] Case sensitivity in JIDs

Arne Claassen arne at getorganyzd.com
Wed Dec 10 13:35:14 CST 2008

I'm running into a problem with sending messages directly to resources  
which I think is related to case sensitivity, so I wanted to make sure  
I am understanding the spec right.

Should foo at bar.com/Resource be the same as foo at bar.com/resource? (This  
is using ejabberd)

I switched my comparison logic for JIDs to be lower case because gtalk  
would randomly use different casing in the user part of jids and so  
incoming requests would fail lookup in my internal dictionaries, but  
then i noticed that messages being sent would get duplicated at some  
endpoints and my best theory is this:

Online resources are:

foo at bar.com/home
foo at bar.com/Work

When i send the messages i send to
foo at bar.com/home
foo at bar.com/work

and home gets the message twice, leading me to believe that 'work' was  
not a recognized resource, so the message was multiplexed to all  
online resources.

What should the behavior be? I assume at least domain ought to be case  
insensitive and user appears to be as well, but what about resource?


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