[jdev] Bug in jabberd2 (2.1.13) on win32

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Mon Feb 4 17:22:38 CST 2008

Hi Dan,

> When using ntlogon, I cannot get SASL to work.  Only when using TLS on
> 'old port', will it connect with encryption.  Turning off encryption
> works as well.  I tested all this with a clean install and no changes
> to the config files except the server name and realm.

Did you enable only PLAIN in c2s.xml for NTLOGON? Coz NTLOGON as  
mentioned ealier can work only with PLAIN auth.
authreg->mechanism->traditional & sasl must have only <plain/> inside.  
(Rest should be commented out for NTLOGON)

Adam Strzelecki |: nanoant.com :|

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