[jdev] Any place for basic definitions?

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Feb 8 01:57:02 CST 2008

tjabber schrieb:
> For example, in reading the privacy list spec, it was never clear to me why
> I would need multiple lists and why would I make one active over another?
> And what is invisibility? I've searched a lot on these, but I haven't found
> an answer.

you don't need to. You can have multiple list.
Eg one use case is if you use the same jabberId for personal 
communication and at work. At the office you don't want to be bothered 
by friends, so you have one list for that. At home you don't want to be 
bothered with office stuff, so you have another list for that.

If you are a newbie to jabber I would recommend to start with the basic 
features, not advanced features like privacy lists, pubsub or jingle ;-)


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