[jdev] Lightr in alpha (PHP XMPP+BOSH Library)

Dallas Gutauckis dgutauckis at myyearbook.com
Wed Feb 13 16:52:08 CST 2008

After quite a few changes and upgrades to the library we're going to be 
using at myyearbook.com, I decided it was time to finally release this 
library open-source. Lightr, as I'm calling it (to stick to the naming 
convention precedented by another of our open-source projects, Staplr) 
is currently in it's alpha stage, available for Jabber developers to 
find bugs and give me suggestions. Lightr is a heavily object-oriented 
library written for PHP5 and makes use of the CURL library for making 
HTTP requests to the BOSH server.

For information about Lightr and download information, please visit 

If you have questions or ideas, feel free to respond in this mailing 
list. If you find bugs, please squash them immediately and inform me of 
them with a personal reply.


Area51 is the open-source domain of myYearbook and is meant for 
consumption by developers and end-users alike.
Please also check out Staplr 
(http://area51.myyearbook.com/trac.cgi/wiki/Staplr), our rrdtool 

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