[jdev] Getting the number of occupants in MUCs

Juha Mynttinen Juha.Mynttinen at digitalchocolate.com
Thu Feb 14 04:53:05 CST 2008

What would be the preferred way of getting the list of MUCs in a server
and the number of occupants in each MUC (using XMPP client)? I guess
XEP-0045 doesn't directly support this functionality? I only found in
the specification that you can get a list of all MUCs using XEP-0045 and
then for each MUC you can query its information. Even this information
doesn't contain the number of occupants and I should use the presence
information of the room occupants to calculate the number of them. This
approach sounds far too heavy, however. Any ideas for a light-weight
implementation of occupants counting?


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