[jdev] Why is my jabber server kicking out a remote user on an error?

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Tue Feb 19 03:33:21 CST 2008

"Tom Kalafut" <tommyk at tridsys.com> writes:

> We have developed some middleware that handles some errors.  When it
> does, it reverses the from and to elements and adds an error element to
> form an "error message".  But the jabber server is kicking the remote
> user out of the chat room where the original message came from.

See https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-496 , and hope for
ejabberd 2.0.0.  (It might be possible to backport the fix, though…)

JID: legoscia at jabber.cd.chalmers.se

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