[jdev] Why is my jabber server kicking out aremote useron anerror?

Tom Kalafut tommyk at tridsys.com
Thu Feb 21 09:06:05 CST 2008


To be clear, I don't want anybody to get kicked.  I'm trying to work around the feature so that I can report errors to local users without kicking the remote user who "reported" it.  It doesn't look like I can do this, so I was considering a message of type 'groupchat' with ERROR info in it as an ugly hack.

I'm not sure if upgrading to 2.0.0 is an option, since we don't control the releases of our main application (i.e. not the middleware that I'm working on here).  But I'll at least ask if we can upgrade.


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Tom Kalafut wrote:
> Oops.  I did use error code not_acceptable, so it's not that.  It's
> apparently kicking out the user that sent an iq stanza of type error
> (any code).
> I think I understand now.  Apparently, ejabberd is kicking out the
> user in the Line 294 check because the 'to' is a chatroom JID, no
> matter what the stanza is.  And the Line 294 check is not going away,
> right?  So I think I'm stuck.
> I think I may have to just return a message and append some "ERROR"
> text to the body.  Everybody on the local side of the chat room will
> receive the error like a normal message.  Any other ideas?

Ick, no. That's just wrong. You should be able to do this (e.g., what if
you requested someone's vCard or sent an entity time request through the
MUC and the other side returned and error -- you wouldn't expect to be
kicked, would you?). Please ask about this bug on the ejabberd list:



Peter Saint-Andre

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