[jdev] Gateway clarification

Eswar Goda eswar at esqube.com
Sun Feb 24 22:45:49 CST 2008

I need a help from you people.This is an information request .

All the web pages I read claim that both the jabber client and server 
are open-source.I am particularly interested about multi-protocol 
chat.How does the gateway talk to the particular destination server?IS 
the transformation from XMPP to that particular format or protocol, part 
of the server source code?Does yahoo,gmail etc provide APIs to the 
gateways to create messages that are to be understood by their 
servers?If yes,can I include that in the client code to make the client 
capable of talking to those severs directly?Do they have licensing 
issues there?If I want to write a new server tomorrow, should I get a 
license from the respective domains to add
those gateways in my server?

Please help me understand this.

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