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Fri Feb 29 11:20:06 CST 2008

Of interest regarding the IETF's experiment of allowing IPv6-only
connections during part of its upcoming meeting.


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Subject: IPv6 @ IETF-71, especially Jabber
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 15:34:41 +0100

What's going on with the preparations to turn off IPv4 at IETF-71?
It's been really quiet surrounding that topic since the initial

Because I've had an IPv6 mail server for years and a WWW proxy that
allows IPv6-only hosts to get access to the IPv4 web is fairly trivial
to set up (tip for XP users: XP can't do DNS lookups over IPv6, use
Firefox and configure it with the IPv6 address of the proxy), my
preperation for this has been mostly getting Jabber to work over IPv6.

A while ago I managed to find a public Jabber server that is reachable
over IPv6 (amessage.de with some other domains pointing to the same
server). Unfortunately, the client I generally use, Apple's iChat,
does support Jabber over IPv6 when there is IPv4 connectivity, but
when the system has no IPv4 address it says that "you're not connected
to the internet" and doesn't try to connect over IPv6. Recently I
thought this was fixed but it turned out that the Parallels Desktop
virtualization enviroment sets up a bunch of virtual interfaces with
private addresses, which is enough for iChat to work over IPv6.

Anyway, I started looking for Jabber clients that support IPv6. Most
don't, but there are so many Jabber clients that there is actually a
choice of ones that do. Unfortunately, none of them could connect to
the jabber.ietf.org rooms. I first thought this was because of the
clients, so I didn't keep a list of clients that support IPv6. But it
turned out that this is a problem with my iljitsch at amessage.nl
account on the amessage.de server, which doesn't seem IPv6-related.

So... does anyone know a place to obtain a Jabber account that's
usable over IPv6? I assumed psg.com would be a good candidate, but
even though psg.com has a AAAA record, jabber.psg.com doesn't.
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