[jdev] How is a client crash communicated to the XMPP server?

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Tue Jun 3 07:38:22 CDT 2008

Unfortunately not all clients are 100% XMPP compliant. I am certain that most will give you a </stream:stream> at the end: so if a client disconnects without that they /should/ have quit unexpectedly.

Conversant XMPP Communicator:



<presence type='unavailable'/>


As you can see Coccinella behaves as a client should, but both send the </stream:stream> so you should be able to tell with that.


Client sends </stream:stream>
   o Disconnect client
   o Client disconnected normally
Client disconnects
   o Abandon client
   o Client disconnected unexpectedly


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> >>If you want to tell when the client disconnects unexpectedly from
> another >>client (e.g. if you have a contact that represents your server
> availability or >>something) you could do something like:
> Is there someway to figure out what happens at the server when a client
> crashes. Is any iq stanza sent to server (i doubt this would happen,
> because the client has crashed) or would the xmpp server come to know
> that by polling the status of the underlying tcp connection/socket?
> thanks
> santhosh
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