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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jun 4 14:52:27 CDT 2008

On 06/04/2008 1:45 PM, Stuart Malin wrote:
> Hi all. I am writing a client-server system that intends to be
> XMPP-compliant. My initial development work on the client establishes a
> connection with an eJabberd  server.  After establishing a session, my
> client issues an "empty" presence stanza (no "to" or "type" attribute,
> in accord with the XMPP-CORE spec: section 5.1 Initial Presence).
> One of the presence responses I receive is "from" and "to" my own client
> instance (resource).  This surprises me.  The spec says:
> "In addition, the user's server MUST broadcast initial presence from the
> user's new available resource to any of the user's existing available
> resources (if any)."
> However, my own instance (resource) was not an existing resource. But I
> guess this is all a matter of timing.
> Although the issuance of such presence to the resource from the client
> isn't prohibited by the spec, I'm just curious how to mentally
> categorize it in the context of XMPP: that is, is the receipt of such a
> presence stanza an idiosyncrasy of the particular server implementation?
> Thanks in advance from an XMPP newbie.

We've had questions about that before because RFC 3921 was confusingly
worded on this point. It should be clearer in rfc3921bis. In particular
see here:



Peter Saint-Andre

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