[jdev] Loudmouth 1.4.0 Released

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Fri Jun 6 17:47:28 CDT 2008

What is Loudmouth?

Loudmouth is a small C library for writing Jabber clients written using
GLib. It's designed to be extensible while maintaining ease of use.

Loudmouth 1.3.4 is a release on the unstable 1.3 branch. It contains of
added features and bug fixes.

Loudmouth 1.4.0 contains no changes from 1.3.4 but is simply a release 
to mark it as the new stable branch.

You can download Loudmouth 1.4.0 here:

The git repository for Loudmouth is located on github.com:

You can browse it online here:

The Loudmouth project page:

Contributions are always welcome, just create an account on Github.com, 
branch and request pulls.

Thanks to everyone who have participated in the development of the 1.3 
branch that lead to this release:

Dafydd Harries
Martyn Russell
Mikael Hallendal
Owen Taylor
Richard Hult
Senko Rasic
Simon McVittie
Sjoerd Simons

The 1.4.x branch will now be the new stable branch and development of 
1.2.x is officially halted.

The Loudmouth Team

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