[jdev] Jabber presence traffic characterization

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Mon Jun 9 06:06:27 CDT 2008

@Alexey Nezhdanov: Thanks so much for your input regarding connection
types, and the tip for XML output will be really useful!

@Jonathan Dickinson: Man, your feedback will be an "afterburner"! I
really haven't heard of compressed XMPP traffic, and after your post I
went to look at it and I found some literature on this. Also, I was
thinking more on testing multiple scenarios, varying form a small number
of contacts to large number of contacts, and also varying from a small
number of online contacts to a large number of online contacts. The
message flow is also really nice, and the tip of the "whitespace pings"
shall be really useful. I'll try to implement your suggestions, but
given that in order to obtain a good approximation for the results I
would need a huge amount of traffic. If you manage to obtain that from
your side, it would be really nice!

@All: after the tips from the posts above, I managed to find the IETF
draft "Interdomain Presence Scaling Analysis for the Extensible
Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)" , at http://tinyurl.com/5kbumc ,
which contains some insightful analysis on the stanzas numbers and
sizes. What I think is missing for a traffic characterization is the
probability distribution to use for the time to send those stanzas. With
the information I and Jonathan manage to find from traffic analysis I
believe we'll manage to characterize well XMPP traffic between clients
and servers.

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