[jdev] jabber localization project?

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri Jun 13 16:07:10 CDT 2008

2008/6/13 Yann Leboulanger <asterix at lagaule.org>:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Safa Sofuoğlu (one of our GSoC students) mentioned to me that XMPP
>> clients need to provide localized versions of many protocol terms, but
>> that there is no consistency for those terms. Examples include:
>> 1. Concepts like "file transfer" and even "instant messaging"
>> 2. Basic presence states like "away" and "dnd"
>> 3. Moods (XEP-0107)
>> 4. Activities (XEP-0108)
>> 5. Chat states (XEP-0085)
>> 6. And many more!
>> Perhaps it would help client developers to create a jabber localization
>> project ("jabber-babel?") to make this task easier for everyone? I'd be
>> happy to start such a project on Google Code or wherever.
>> Peter
> user mood and user activity words are in Gajim's translation file. So
> for next release we'll ask our dear translators to translate them. As we
> have many language, we'll get many translations of those files.

Around line 1190 in the following files you can find the Mood related
translations that are available for Coccinella (not all languages are
up to date; I only included those that have translations for this):

Swedish: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/sv.msg?revision=1.148&view=markup
German: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/de.msg?revision=1.109&view=markup
Czech: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/cs.msg?revision=1.9&view=markup
Spanish: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/es.msg?revision=1.106&view=markup
Italian: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/it.msg?revision=1.50&view=markup
Korean: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/ko.msg?revision=1.4&view=markup
Dutch: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/nl.msg?revision=1.177&view=markup
Polish: http://coccinella.cvs.sourceforge.net/coccinella/coccinella/msgs/pl.msg?revision=1.80&view=markup

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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