[jdev] S2S

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Mon Jun 16 06:05:55 CDT 2008

Thanks guys. Looks like I will have to do a NS transform on my readers/writers...

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> > Peter Saint-Andre;988 Wrote:
> >>
> >> Sorry to disappoint you. The transformation from jabber:client to
> >> jabber:server and back to jabber:client again is one of those ugly
> >> aspects of XMPP, at least for server developers.
> > ugly in which meaning? Simply because it is annoying for developpers?
> > Or because you consider this is not such a good thing, or not very
> > logical, or at least it could be better in your opinion?
> Ugly in that a given stanza, say a <message/>, changes namespace as it
> traverses the system.  It's illogical and semantically invalid for the
> basic identity of our core delivery mechanisms to change on different
> kinds of links.  However, that's what we get for being one of the
> early implementors of XML namespaces, when they were less well-
> understood.
> All of that being said, I wonder if there's some way we could
> bootstrap ourselves out of this.  For S2S streams that have restarts
> (TLS or SASL) it would be pretty easy to define a new stream feature
> or something that says that the receiving server implements using
> "jabber:client
> " on S2S streams, so that jabber:client can be the default namespace
> for the restarted stream.
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