[jdev] conversing with multiple users, but not MUC

Jeff McAdams jeffm at iglou.com
Thu Jun 19 07:31:42 CDT 2008

JabberForum wrote:
> I think the problem of a muc derived use is about all the stuffs that
> many people don't care of, or don't understand. When you go to a muc,
> you must choose a muc server explicitely (even though it is the server
> where you are already hosted) and you are proposed to chose a nickname
> for instance, or whether you want to show your jid, or else being
> anonymous, etc.

Except that pretty much all of that is a matter of client implementation.

The spec for MUC specifically envisioned potentially using it as a
seamless transition from a one-on-one discussion to a multi-way discussion.

The scenario is that a one-on-one discussion is taking place and the
users decide that they want to add a third person.  So one of the people
invites a third person into the chat.

The client, and this can be completely behind the scenes, needs to go
create a MUC, potentially send history to it, then send invites to the
other two users with a <continue/> element.

This is all described in section 7.6 of

This protocol capability gives clients all the tools they need to
seamlessly convert a one-on-one to a quick ad-hoc sort of MUC chat with
multiple people.  The user need not be even aware that MUC is being used
to do it.
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