[jdev] xmpp4r component development

Adam Pisoni apisoni at geni.com
Thu Jun 19 15:27:27 CDT 2008

Yes I have.  I figure I'll work on it with everyone first and if the  
community thinks it makes sense, that's what I'll do.    This is very  
much uncharted territory.  People have created one off components, but  
there are no general component frameworks. I'm sure each one-off has  
implemented things in their specific way and left a lot out.   I'll  
definitely have something to show by the Summit and I'm hoping to have  
something much earlier than that.


On Jun 19, 2008, at 9:18 PM, Stephan Maka wrote:

> Adam Pisoni wrote:
>> our way towards building a general xmpp4r component framework that is
>> analogous to xmpp4r-simple, but for component development.
> Have you thought about contributing this framework as a part of  
> Should be convenient now that it is being developed at GitHub.
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