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On Jun 23, 2008, at 2:36 PM, Jonathan Dickinson wrote:

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>> Get an Google Account. Log into Google Talk. Look at the resource you
>> get back from the server. It ends with 8 char hex string. Its the
>> server that is handling this connection. So each router can find the
>> correct server just by looking at the last 8 chars of the destination
>> jid.
> Thanks a million Pedro. That seems like a *great* idea to me!!! I  
> think the resource would then be transformed internally so that you  
> could do the classical resource login. Thanks a million!!! I am  
> going to go for this one.

I like it too. But be advised of something. A lot of protocols allow  
the use of a full jid (including the resource) as a persistent ID.

For example, the spec still allows (this is being dropped in the bis  
spec I believe) subscribing entries in the roster with a full JID.  
Also, some people would like to subscribe pubsub notes using the full  
jid, thus allowing them to subscribe some nodes only when they are  
connected from the desktop client (and not from the phone).

Basically there are two different views about JIDs: some see it as  
routing helpers, other as part of the user identity. For example,  
some expect that if they connect as me at domain/res, I will always kick  
the other connections me at domain/res... Using the resource as a  
routing helper could prevent this kind of stuff.

Just an heads up about the duality of resources.

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