[jdev] Routing

Artur Hefczyc ajdev at tigase.org
Mon Jun 23 10:43:29 CDT 2008


>> s2s component needs to obtain dialback keys which can be stored on a
>> different
>> node.
> I am going to do S2S at a much later stage :).

Yes, but it is always good to plan ahead...

>> SM must handle properly situation where 2 users talk to each other  
>> and
>> they are connected to a different nodes. Or it needs to handle  
>> properly the
>> case when user opens 2 or more connection and each connection end- 
>> up on a
>> different node therefore SM behaves in a similar way to what you
>> described below.
>> If local SM can not process the packet it forwards it to the SM on  
>> the
>> next node.
>> If all nodes couldn't process the packet is it sent back to the first
>> node which handles it somehow.
> Okay, what about when the SM is on the 3rd router or such? How does
> it handle this case? Similar to the round-trip fashion of mine?

This is the case indeed. The packet travels through all nodes until it  
a component which can handle it properly. Some packets can simply die
if there is no handler and some must be returned to the original sender.
It all depends on particular case.

>> I am now preparing presentation about Tigase cluster implementation.
>> I will let you know when it is ready.
> Please that would be fantastic! Tigase is a good benchmark so any  
> tips I can get from you guys would be great!

I will run benchmarking for Tigase cluster too. But it won't probably  
until August.

>> Are you going to implement clustering in the server or you are  
>> seeking
>> the
>> information out of curiosity?
> Yup clustered XMPP server in C#. Going to have a whole bunch of  
> goodness included (ASP.Net-like webservices, but over XMPP - etc.).

Good luck then :-)
Artur Hefczyc

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