[jdev] Issues With Subscription Requests (Block and Unblock)

shashi kiran gmsk19 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 07:31:45 CST 2008

Hi All,

I Have a Peculiar Problem :
i Block a Contact, and it is Successfully done,but once i unblock the same
Contact in the current session my immediate Presence is not broadcasted to
the contact but his presence is seen by me. Once i Logout and then login
again everything is fine he is able to see my presence and me his...

I Use the Following Stanzas for Block and Unblock

For Block:
     * <presence to='contact at jabber.org'   type='unsubscribe'/>
      <presence to='contact at jabber.org'  type='unavailable'/>*

For Unblock:
      *<presence to='contact at jabber.org'   type='subscribe'/>*

Any Suggestions are most welcome.. Thanks in Advance


Shashi Kiran G M
Symbian Developer

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