[jdev] IRC-to-MUC bridge vs existing IRCnet gateway

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Tue Mar 18 00:24:07 CDT 2008

hello everyone. concerning the IRC-to-MUC bridge mentioned at

we did such a gateway a year ago -
it didnt get all that much attention.
the brazilians had an ircnet running it
they were the 8th largest ircnet on earth..
then they gave in into DoS-terror and shut it down.

we did mention it here and there..
but even though we had a nice working showcase
neither the ircers cared to use xmpp all that much
nor the irc admins cared to have xmpp gateways so much.

our solution is a bit tougher to plug into irc servers
as it provides full uri-based routing in irc:
any irc user has a federation uri and can talk to any federation person
it also provides roster etc for each ircer.

the joining-channels bit (using MUC or other protocols) was still in proto..
it worked, but not at the same time with federation..
we were about to finish that
but then brasnet shut down so we have no deployment/motivation

i was surprised the gateway was actually able to handle the traffic.
i expected to run into scalability issues with such a bottleneck architecture
and was already laying out a decentralization plan for the gateway itself.
it's still in the back of my mind if anyone needs it.

some documentation on the implementation:


don't be disturbed by it also supporting the psyc protocol.
that doesn't harm. any scheme is routed through the gateway, so you
could also type /msg icq:4404 from an irc client, then implement
some icq gatewaying etc. xmpp: just happens to be the most useful
scheme right now, but this could also be extended to make irc
networks talk to each other by irc: uris. you then have to decide
how far you want to take this..

so this goes a bit beyond the requirements listed on the GSoC wiki page,
but it's worth it. it brings entire ircnets fully into federation.
my $0.02

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