[jdev] GSoC - IRC-to-MUC bridge

LRN lrn1986 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 12:14:09 CDT 2008

Tobias Markmann wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 4:49 PM, Remko Tronçon<remko at el-tramo.be>  wrote:
>>> When (if) you accept this project idea, let me know (by mailing me directly or by replying to this thread).
>>   AFAIK, we don't 'accept' project ideas, we just propose them. It's
>>   left as a task of the potential student to work this idea out into a
>>   project proposal, optionally by talking to the person who proposed
>>   this idea (although this information seems to be missing from the GSoC
>>   page for many projects :-( ). Then, we rate the project proposals.
>>   If you haven't already, look at the post from Carlo v Loesch on this
>>   mailinglist on the IRC-to-XMPP gateway.
>>   >   P.S. "Serverless (Link-Local) IM component" is good too, but for me it
>>   >   is not a prime-priority, as i have zero-knowledge about
>>   >   zero-configuration ;) , except a few basic ideas behind it.
>>   Having zero-knowledge makes it all the more interesting! Another
>>   interesting aspect of this project is that you can make many users
>>   happy, as this project doesn't target one client/server specifically,
>>   but all clients. However, these are just my 2 cents :-)
>>   cheers,
>>   Remko
> I proposed this idea and this kind of gateway because it won't harm
> IRC users and will enable jabber users to connect to a certain
> network. The operators of some IRC network would just have to allow
> this new transport to connect to their other servers via IRC S2S
> protocol and that's it. Though of course there is still the
> possibility that the IRC people with their little egos won't like
> that. ;)
> Tobias
I spoke with Carlo v. Loesch. Well, what can i say...They got 
semi-working (private messages, untested/partial support for channels 
and presence) IRC-XMPP gateway. Problem is, they are making psyc, some 
kind of merged conference technology...As far as i understand, psycd is 
a psyc (*silly cow*!) daemon for inter-protocol gating, including XMPP 
to IRC. Good thing is that i won't need to do it from scratch (actually 
it's kinda bad, since this way i am missing all the *fun* of hacking 
into xmpp/irc protocols). Bad thing is that i'll have to read psycd code 
(which isn't *smooth*), and i'll have to separate XMPP-IRC code from the 
rest of the psycd.

P.S. Been reading about zeroconf. Howl (from Porchdog) looks nice. 

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