[jdev] Jingle client for Java

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Mar 18 14:35:16 CDT 2008

Tim Julien wrote:
> I'm looking into client side Java impls of Jingle, and I'm not finding
> much out there besides the smack extension.  I'm a bit nervous about
> using it b/c it seems like it has essentially been abandoned (no commits
> to the jingle extension in 10 months).
> Anyone know of other good Jingle Java libs, or interested in
> collaborating on one, maybe picking up where the smack extension left off?
> Anyone have experience with Jingle in Java?  I know Java Media Framework
> sucks, are there other technical issues implementing Jingle in Java?

It might be productive to talk directly with the developers of Smack
(maybe there's a good reason why they haven't worked on it in a while)
as well as the developers of Jeti and other Java clients/libraries.


Peter Saint-Andre

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