[jdev] Wordpress plugin

Jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Mon Mar 24 16:24:38 CDT 2008


for further details, I tried it out with the last svn versions of Psi 
and Gajim.

The last psi version does not change anything. I can see the 
notification arriving to the client when I open the xml console, but 
nothing happens in the interface. No moving icon, no popping-up 
message... Apparently Psi does not know what to do when he receives the 
message from the pubsub node.

In last svn version of gajim though, there is improvement. When I 
receive the pubsub message, there is a small pop-up, but it shows only 
the title.

I will make further tests and investigations. Maybe something could be 
done because pubsub is a nice feature, but it is extremely flawed in all 
implementations (even gajim).


Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :
> Jehan wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just write to this mailing list after having spoken with the Gajim
>> devs. They told me that the development of a plugin for wordpress has
>> been proposed for the GSOC this year. And as I have finished today to
>> develop one, they adviced me to tell this here. So I subscribed to this
>> ml tell it.
>> Sorry if some guy wanted to propose such a project in the GSOC.
>> My source code should be available this week probably. I just want to
>> improve some details first, and I will publish it on the plugin website
>> of Wordpress under GPL (GPL 3 probably). For now, it just publishes a
>> post to a xmpp node when you publish it on your blog (and I am also
>> currently adding the publication to a node for comments).
> Cool. Let us know when it's available so we can test it out.
>> But the only remaining (but BIG) issue is that... I just discovered that
>> no client has a real support for pubsub nodes (at least, nor Gajim or
>> Psi, the most advanced Jabber client I think)!!! With Psi, you can
>> navigate through the nodes, but the "subscribe" command stays always
>> greyed. And Gajim can subscribe only to root nodes... :-/
>> Moreover I could see in the xml console of both client that they well
>> receive the notification (so my plugin is working), but nothing happens
>> in the roster, nor any message appearing. That's why I was on the Gajim
>> conference room, to ask for details of their implementation. :-/
>> Maybe I will try to add such support on Gajim or Psi?.. Because I am sad
>> that my plugin is useless! :p
> What versions of Gajim and Psi are you using?
>> So see you!
>> And sorry again for removing a gsoc project (unless you want to have 2
>> same plugins, but the mine will be good, I assure you! :p).
> Heh. Well, there's no harm in two implementations, but I agree that it
> does make sense not to duplicate efforts unless needed.
> Peter

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