[jdev] Wordpress plugin

jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Tue Mar 25 09:31:05 CDT 2008

> Moreover it is not just a bandwidth issue, but
> the real added value of XMPP is the possibility to tune delivery
> accordingly to presence or resources, thus tuning the feed to the
> specific context use. 

Yes this is a great feature of the pubsub node. There is a configuration on 
both side. On the publishing side, the publisher/creator configure the 
default options of the node. On the subscriber side, you can either accept 
default options or choose your own (so if you do not want the payload, but 
just a notification for instance; or even if you don't want any notification 
at all, just subscribing to a service without being pinged, etc.). 

> However each time you start using these features
> you also have to give away little bits of your privacy. The good thing
> about XMPP is that you always have control about about who you have in
> your roster and,  if privacy in such services becomes a real problem
> there could be technical solutions (e.g. a local pubsub service which
> anonimously subscribes to remote nodes and relays them) 

That's a nice idea. This way you can subscribe without giving your real jid 
(the redirection is managed by your trusted server). And if the service 
tries to use a jid a bad way, it may enable to trace which pubsub service it 
was (if the service had generated some specific jid for each subscription 
for instance?). 


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