[jdev] what would you think of this as an SoC project?

jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Thu Mar 27 03:54:17 CDT 2008


for info, what do you mean by "analyse chat conversations"? Statistics 
analysis? Or intelligent analysis of the content (so an AI project)? 

By the way, about IM logs, I often thought that it would be nice to be able 
to store your chat history on servers. Indeed I often want to retrieve some 
conversation but I am not always on the same place, the same computer or 
simply I use different clients for tests (so even on the same computer I get 
lost to "where" is this interesting discussion I had with someone). 
Sometimes also I have to use clients with no log support, or I don't want to 
store them locally though I don't want them lost. 

In fact, it would be to XMPP what IMAP is to the emails and enable to 
separate the content (chat history) from the reader (Jabber client), though 
they will still have to process the data for displaying, search, etc. What 
do you think of this? 


Greg Wilson writes: 

> Two grad students at U of Toronto have been working this term on a tool to 
> analyze chat conversations (IRC, IM, etc.) and cluster messages into 
> threads.  They presented their work this afternoon, and will be doing 
> another presentation on April 9; I think it has promise, especially since 
> they're using incremental algorithms that would be well-suited to 
> real-time execution.  They're not going to carry on with it (they have 
> thesis topics picked out, and this ain't it :-), but the long-term goal 
> would be to build something that could plug into various clients, or be 
> used to process logs. 
> Would this make a good project for XMPP SoC?  It would require a student 
> who already has some understanding of IR, clustering algorithms, and NLP, 
> but it could help make large chat spaces more usable.  I'd be willing to 
> mentor... 
> Thanks,
> Greg Wilson
> http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~gvwilson 

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