[jdev] what would you think of this as an SoC project?

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 05:38:01 CDT 2008


I think this has already been discussed in at least one list,
maybe not the present one, but on LinuxFR.org,
there is a small web-based chat system
using a very handy threading mecanism.

Cehck out with the mouse pointer: http://linuxfr.org/board/

Disclaimer: please do not carefully read the chats (in french),
there are a lot of stupid conversations here,
but sometimes very interesting ones. ;-)

How it works:

Lines of chat are prefixed by the server's timestamp,
and the username of course.

An user using the web-based interface clicks on this timestamp
in order to answer or reply to a line of chat.

Then the text entry form is prefixed with the clicked timestamp.

When posted, a mouse pointer hovering the new line's referenced timestamp
highlights the referenced line of chat.

Thus by hovering all the referenced timestamp,
one could easily read, follow, and instant view of mixed chat threads.

This is very handy, I would love to have such an easy to read and follow
threading system in usual chat clients.

What do you think of it?
Is it near of far from what your students worked on?
Could it improve their work?


On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Greg Wilson <gvwilson at cs.utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Two grad students at U of Toronto have been working this term on a tool to
>  analyze chat conversations (IRC, IM, etc.) and cluster messages into
>  threads.  They presented their work this afternoon, and will be doing
>  another presentation on April 9; I think it has promise, especially since
>  they're using incremental algorithms that would be well-suited to
>  real-time execution.  They're not going to carry on with it (they have
>  thesis topics picked out, and this ain't it :-), but the long-term goal
>  would be to build something that could plug into various clients, or be
>  used to process logs.
>  Would this make a good project for XMPP SoC?  It would require a student
>  who already has some understanding of IR, clustering algorithms, and NLP,
>  but it could help make large chat spaces more usable.  I'd be willing to
>  mentor...
>  Thanks,
>  Greg Wilson
>  http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~gvwilson

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