[jdev] pubsub and paid for content

Roelof Naude roelof.naude at epiuse.com
Mon Mar 31 06:48:28 CDT 2008

hi all,

we are currently brainstorming about pubsub. some of the content that 
one may provide, needs to be paid for, e.g. live share price updates. 
(most providers can provide a delayed feed for a fixed fee. but why 
settle for a delayed feed if we can get a live feed?)

what would be the best practice to allow only paid subscribers access to 
such content?

one of the ideas we are floating currently is the following:
1. provide a bot/component so that users can register with it. component 
would be preferable, as most components (or gateway components provide a 
register functionality). additionally an out-of-band registration 
process may be provided, e.g. website.
2. this component/bot would be the node owner when creating pubsub nodes 
and can authorize subscription requests. (accessmodel = authorize
3. additionally such a component/bot could send notifications when funds 
are running low, e.g. only 5 messages left
4. subscription requests to paid for content when funds are inefficient 
will receive the payment-require error message:

topping up your virtual pubsub wallet could be handled by:
1. visit above website with your credit card
2. send a premium rated sms (mxit does the same thing)
3. provide some other out-of-band payment options (eletronic transfer 
etc. this of course will hardly be real-time).

are any other options or caveats that we should be aware of?


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