[jdev] Wikipedia deletions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Dec 21 09:52:48 CST 2009

Someone at Wikipedia is actively working to delete entries about various
software projects that supposedly fail Wikipedia's "notability" test.
Pages about some XMPP software projects have already been deleted (e.g.,
Coccinella) and it seems that others will be deleted in the near future
(e.g., Exodus, Gajim, ejabberd). Yesterday I reviewed the some of the
discussions about these pages, and in my opinion the "deletionists" are
not very open to reasoned argument. While we could spend a lot of time
trying to fight these deletions, I think it would be more productive to
move these pages over to wiki.xmpp.org and make that the most accurate
source for information about XMPP technologies (along with the regular
xmpp.org site). Naturally, you are free to spend time and energy on
Wikipedia, but I think the site is a lost cause, so I am going to spend
my time and energy on a wiki where our work won't be deleted because
someone has some misguided ideas about "notability".

If you'd like to help build out wiki.xmpp.org, feel free to ask one of
the sysops there for an account. Typically the sysops hang out in the
jdev at conference.jabber.org chatroom.


Peter Saint-Andre

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