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jabbertester jabbertester.3o6v1b at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Wed Feb 25 18:13:36 CST 2009

Peter Saint-Andre;5477 Wrote: 
> You tried to connect how? I know for certain that jabber.org works
> because I'm one of the admins. :)
> Peter

Peter, can you direct me to the link where I can actually create a free
Jabber account at jabber.org? As far as I can tell, the jabber.org
website sends me to a dead end, or in a circle, instead of an account
creation link:
- I click on "Create your first Jabber account"...
- I find and click on the link in item #3 on that page, a link to
  "log in to one of the many free Jabber services."
- On the list that appears, I click on " jabber.org"... 
- and I see the page at http://www.jabber.org/web/Jabber.org ....
  which has no link to an account creation page at jabber.org.
- On this page, if I click the link to "IM services", I am returned
  to the same list of servers described in step 3, above.

Could you help, perhaps with a link, or the link to a forum post here
that has the answer I seek?

Thank  you,


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