[jdev] Jabber Login with OpenID

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Fri Jun 12 02:12:45 CDT 2009

Dnia 2009-05-22, pią o godzinie 14:39 +0200, Bernhard zwischenbrugger
> If you have never seen openid, here is a simple login process:
> http://lamp2.fhstp.ac.at/~lbz/beispiele/ss2009/openid/
> ejabberd provides the "auth_method: external" and it should be
> possible to login using openid.

I was attempting this about a year ago or so
and I stuck with the question "How do I redirect XMPP client to the HTTP
page for login confirmation dialog?"

I do not really want to fit a web browser into an XMPP client...

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