[JDEV] large scale jabber questions...

Oliver George slimy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Nov 3 09:29:07 CST 2009


i'm intending to use jabber on a community website, the current version of the 
site gets hundreds of thousands of hits per day and which with this new 
development intends multiply that by 10+!  initially the intention is public 
chatrooms (10k applet already written :) and later private chatrooms, instant 
messaging... (currently all clients are intended to be web based)

the questions are: 
- am i silly to try this?
- is there a 1024 socket connection limit?
- how stable is groupchat?
- what module 'drives conference.jabber.org' and who is the maintainer?

.. any other general advice is welcome, especially any old emails links which 
deal with these issues.

thanks, slimy.

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