[jdev] Mirabeau/Coherence talk proposal for FOSDEM Dev Room

Frank Scholz dev at coherence-project.org
Sun Jan 3 13:27:36 CST 2010


my name is Frank Scholz and I'm the founder and lead-developer of
Coherence. Together with Philippe Normand, who works on Mirabeau,
I would like to propose a talk for the XMPP FOSDEM dev room.

Mirabeau - creating personal media networks and bridging UPnP devices
over the Internet

DLNA/UPnP devices - consoles, set-top boxes, TVs -  finally
enter our living rooms and allow an easy access of our digital media.

But the UPnP A/V specification has been designed for local networks
only - preventing media sharing over network borders.

With the UPnP framework Coherence and the Jabber/XMPP infrastructure
we are able to overcome these obstacles.

This greatly simplifies the realization of the "access
everywhere" concept and the implementation of "family and friends"
networks. Not only between some software with a dedicated library,
but also by transparently integrating ordinary Consumer Electronics

Parents can use there DLNA-enabled TV in their home to look at their
kids photos on the NAS there, or one can access his audio-collection
with the laptop from everywhere, or just with the PS3 at a party at
some friends place.

With new hardware showing up, like the PlugComputer, we even have
an ideal platform for this task, which e.g. could be given
pre-configured away to other family members.

Beside the bridging a device like that can act of course as
an UPnP MediaServer too, and be an UPnP MediaHub to online-content
like Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, Miro, BBC,...

Now with all necessary parts in place - viz. in the
Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/... repositories, a simple package install,
the naming of an Jabber server and a chat room there is all
that's needed to create a personal media network.

Technically this is realized by enabling the sharing of UPnP devices,
like an UPnP MediaServer, with members of ones roster. The communication
to and from these devices is done via 'messages' in a MUC, where
each Coherence/Mirabeau instance appears as a chat user.
The actual media-transfer is at the moment done out-of-band,
to not strain the servers excessively.

Coherence is an Open-Source DLNA/UPnP framework,
-> http://coherence-project.org

with the emphasis on being easily extended - resulting in a
community driven, constantly growing list of plugins.
-> http://coherence-project.org/wiki/MediaServer

Mirabeau was first presented on the 2nd Open-Source DLNA summit in 2008
-> http://coherence-project.org/download/coherence-jabber.pdf

and demonstrated during Gnome/KDE conference in 2009
-> http://coherence-project.org/download/mirabeau-guadec-2009.odp




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