[jdev] Mirabeau/Coherence talk proposal for FOSDEM Dev Room

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Jan 7 16:04:37 CST 2010

That looks very interesting! Let's make sure it gets on the agenda. :)

On 1/3/10 12:27 PM, Frank Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
> my name is Frank Scholz and I'm the founder and lead-developer of
> Coherence. Together with Philippe Normand, who works on Mirabeau,
> I would like to propose a talk for the XMPP FOSDEM dev room.
> Mirabeau - creating personal media networks and bridging UPnP devices
> over the Internet
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> DLNA/UPnP devices - consoles, set-top boxes, TVs -  finally
> enter our living rooms and allow an easy access of our digital media.
> But the UPnP A/V specification has been designed for local networks
> only - preventing media sharing over network borders.
> With the UPnP framework Coherence and the Jabber/XMPP infrastructure
> we are able to overcome these obstacles.
> This greatly simplifies the realization of the "access
> everywhere" concept and the implementation of "family and friends"
> networks. Not only between some software with a dedicated library,
> but also by transparently integrating ordinary Consumer Electronics
> devices.
> Parents can use there DLNA-enabled TV in their home to look at their
> kids photos on the NAS there, or one can access his audio-collection
> with the laptop from everywhere, or just with the PS3 at a party at
> some friends place.
> With new hardware showing up, like the PlugComputer, we even have
> an ideal platform for this task, which e.g. could be given
> pre-configured away to other family members.
> Beside the bridging a device like that can act of course as
> an UPnP MediaServer too, and be an UPnP MediaHub to online-content
> like Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, Miro, BBC,...
> Now with all necessary parts in place - viz. in the
> Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/... repositories, a simple package install,
> the naming of an Jabber server and a chat room there is all
> that's needed to create a personal media network.
> Technically this is realized by enabling the sharing of UPnP devices,
> like an UPnP MediaServer, with members of ones roster. The communication
> to and from these devices is done via 'messages' in a MUC, where
> each Coherence/Mirabeau instance appears as a chat user.
> The actual media-transfer is at the moment done out-of-band,
> to not strain the servers excessively.
> Coherence is an Open-Source DLNA/UPnP framework,
> -> http://coherence-project.org
> with the emphasis on being easily extended - resulting in a
> community driven, constantly growing list of plugins.
> -> http://coherence-project.org/wiki/MediaServer
> Mirabeau was first presented on the 2nd Open-Source DLNA summit in 2008
> -> http://coherence-project.org/download/coherence-jabber.pdf
> and demonstrated during Gnome/KDE conference in 2009
> -> http://coherence-project.org/download/mirabeau-guadec-2009.odp
> http://netzflocken.de/2009/6/30/pont-mirabeau-an-upnp-bridge
> http://base-art.net/Articles/108/
> http://www.plugcomputer.org/
> Regards,
> Frank
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