[jdev] Multiplexing large number of client connections

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jan 22 16:43:49 CST 2010

On Fri Jan 22 18:38:32 2010, RaviKant Cherukuri wrote:
> Is there a way to multiplex multiple client streams each belonging  
> to a
> different user on the same TCP connection? The closest I could find  
> was the
> BOSH XEP that talks about multiplexing using some sort of a session  
> id. Is
> there a way to do this on a TCP connection? If not, is BOSH a  
> recommended
> way of doing this?

No, but there is a fantastic way of multiplexing multiple connections  
over a single IP layer, it's called "TCP".

If this sounds a bit facetious, then it is - TCP is a multiplexing  
method for a connection, and it's fine to use it - from the serv's  
point of view, it's likely that there's *very* little resource  
difference from servicing multiple TCP sessions compared to servicing  
multiple client sessions in the same TCP stream - plus the server can  
no longer take advantage of load balancing techniques so easily, or  
even simple SRV.

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