[jdev] [Whack] Tutorials and Client issues

Virgílio Santos virgilio.santos at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 10:29:38 CST 2010


I'm trying to make a qeue and user/message controller to my server
users (attendants) interactions with anonymous ones (users). I was
thinking on implementing a controller client (kind of "know everybody
bot") that handle the qeues and chat redirections but I read about
whack and external components to openfire and now I want to know how
to do that control directly from a server component (which will
probably end the problem the client launching and perhaps even the
client life/death/memory leak problems that eventually show up).

I was wandering on the ignite pages for whack documentation and some
tutorial for dummies to get started on whack developing but I could
not find it. Someone know any? Any help will be really big!


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