[jdev] Embedding a XMPP stream within an IMAP stream, thoughts?

Bruce Campbell b+jabber at bruce-2010.zerlargal.org
Wed Jun 16 21:07:14 CDT 2010

This is an odd idea that I'm mulling over as part of the creation of a 
user interface (email and IM) within a limited connectivity-but-controlled 
environment.  Essentially, creating connections is expensive, and both 
IMAP and XMPP user credentials are the same.  Think BOSH within a 
pre-existing IMAP stream.

So far I've got a set of draft notes which amount to creating a new IMAP 
capability 'XMPP', a group of client subcommands to control XMPP 
connection/disconnection/multiple identities/sending stanzas, and the 
facility for the server to send arbitary stanzas via untagged responses, 
along with various protocol handwaving to keep things nice and neat.

Any thoughts on the concept and suggestions as to whether to raise this as 
a XEP here or within the appropriate IETF group (Lemonade I believe) ?


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