[jdev] Embedding a XMPP stream within an IMAP stream, thoughts?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Jun 17 20:17:59 CDT 2010

Dave Cridland would probably be the best person to comment on this idea.

On 6/16/10 8:07 PM, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> This is an odd idea that I'm mulling over as part of the creation of a
> user interface (email and IM) within a limited
> connectivity-but-controlled environment.  Essentially, creating
> connections is expensive, and both IMAP and XMPP user credentials are
> the same.  Think BOSH within a pre-existing IMAP stream.
> So far I've got a set of draft notes which amount to creating a new IMAP
> capability 'XMPP', a group of client subcommands to control XMPP
> connection/disconnection/multiple identities/sending stanzas, and the
> facility for the server to send arbitary stanzas via untagged responses,
> along with various protocol handwaving to keep things nice and neat.
> Any thoughts on the concept and suggestions as to whether to raise this
> as a XEP here or within the appropriate IETF group (Lemonade I believe) ?

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