[jdev] Transmitting a GPG signature in presence from a Perl bot

Hugh Barnard hugh.barnard at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 11 05:46:51 CST 2010


I'm developing a simple Perl Jabber bot, based on the  Net::XMPP
library. Bot works pretty well, it's based on the example!

However I want to transmit a GPG signature in the presence message
(I'm fairly new to Jabber, so this is my current understanding).
Therefore I've done:
my $pres = new Net::XMPP::Presence(signature => $signature) ;
$Connection->PresenceSend( $pres);
That's what seems to be described at the top of the modules...but
nothing comes out at the other end in the Gajim XML console.

If there's someone with a deeper grasp of the Perl libraries or
(simply) if I'm wrong conceptually, I'd be grateful for a hand..

Best regards Hugh



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