[jdev] Google Summer of Code

Simon Tennant (Buddycloud) simon at buddycloud.com
Mon Mar 29 11:00:43 CDT 2010

We were just talking about how buddycloud could help out with some of 
these projects.

The OSLO protocol isnot really a project and so we would need help 
turning it into something with deliverables, and a test suite, but if 
there is interest in offering something around location/place federation 
between services then we would be happy to mentor that happening.

We wrote up the OSLO protocol.  It's not really XEP-able but more of a 
recipe in how different social services would enable users to share 
their location with one-another:


If there's interest in this then myself and the rest of the team at 
buddycloud towers would be happy to contribute mentorship.

Additionally, we were talking about the need for a good XMPP unit 
testing suite.  This is something that we need for some of our products 
and I'm sure that other's do too.  Perhaps a GSOC project too?


On 19/03/2010 09:50, Kevin Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 8:39 AM, Tomasz Sterna<tomek at xiaoka.com>  wrote:
>>>> After a year's hiatus, the XSF applied again this year to
>>> participate in
>>>> Google's Summer of Code program, and we've just found out that our
>>>> application has been approved!
>>> Let the project ideas start flowing!
>> I'm willing to mentor and help with XEP-0163 and XEP-0136
>> implementations for jabberd2.
>> What should I do? (I don't have any experience with GSoC.)
> Put your ideas up on the ideas page, and list yourself as volunteering
> to mentor them - there's nothing much to do until the applications
> come in, apart from talk to students interested in the projects.
> /K
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