[jdev] [xmpp] Help required: WEB based Jabber IM

Tuomas Koski koski.tuomas at gmail.com
Tue May 18 02:19:59 CDT 2010

Hi Manish,

On 16 May 2010 01:03, Manish Kashikar <mkashika at cisco.com> wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I need to develop a web based IM system using Jabber in which user can send
> message  and Admin on other side will reply.  The system should be
> javascript based. I have downloaded Openfire server and also spark client. I
> am able to talk to users using spark so it confirms that Openfire server is
> configured correctly.
> Now I need to write m own UI, to communicate for which I need your help.
> What settings you need to do, what more installation required, how send and
> receive message. Any sample code will be of great help.

I would recommend you to read about Strophe.js
[http://code.stanziq.com/strophe/ ]. It's a beautiful, wonderful,
excellent and pure-JavaScript library (that's my personal opinion).
It's well documented, working solution with punch of examples. There
is even a good book wrote about it - Professional XMPP Programming
with JavaScript and jQuery [http://professionalxmpp.com/].

Hope it get's you started.

xmpp:tuomas at xmpp.lobstermonster.org

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