[jdev] Announcement: Swift 1.0-beta1

Tuomas Koski koski.tuomas at gmail.com
Fri May 28 16:32:28 CDT 2010


On 28 May 2010 21:43, Kevin Smith <kevin at kismith.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  After a year and a bit of development, Swift is now entering public beta.
> As posted at http://www.kismith.co.uk/wordpress/index.php/2010/05/28/first-public-swift-beta-released/
> :
> "Over a year ago (while writing XMPP: The Definitive Guide with Peter
> Saint-Andre) Remko Tronçon and I were reviewing the current state of
> XMPP clients and saw a gap for a simple cross-platform client
> targeting normal end-users who just want to chat. Swift is the client
> that we’ve been working on since then to fill this hole, and now we’d
> like your help with the project. Swift assumes that what you want to
> do most in your client is chat – either with a single person or a
> group of people – and that the experience should be based on making
> this easy and enjoyable.
> The first public beta (preview) of Swift is now released, and we’d
> like you to help us. Primarily, we’d like feedback from you as to what
> needs to be done now, and also to find any issues – either technical
> or in usability – with what we’ve already done. This isn’t a final
> release, so you shouldn’t download it unless you’re willing to find
> issues in it, and report them back to us so we can improve it.
> We’ve got Windows and Mac binaries ready so far. The source compiles
> on Windows, Mac and Linux, and with a little coaxing I even managed to
> give a demo on an N900 Maemo phone at FOSDEM this year.
> The Swift 1.0-beta1 release page [1] has links to the downloads and
> the source, visit it now and get started with Swift, and then use the
> mailing list[2], or the MUC room [3] to start discussing it.
> [1] http://swift.im/releases/swift-1.0beta1/
> [2] http://swift.im/lists/mailman/listinfo/swift-users
> [3] xmpp:swift at rooms.swift.im?join
> "
> We're looking forward to getting feedback from everyone, as work to
> make 1.0 the best Swift release ever!

Congratulations! Great work.

Installed and running nicely. Feedback in coming days.

xmpp:tuomas at xmpp.lobstermonster.org

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