[jdev] XMPP for Distributed Social Network

Jon Kristensen jon.kristensen at nejla.se
Mon Nov 1 23:20:59 CST 2010

  Hello Jabber developers!

My name is Jon Kristensen and I'm currently working on a new 
privacy-aware social network and darknet called Pontarius. There is a 
brief information page available at http://pontari.us/. Our aim to 
create the software to allow people to set up a server in their home and 
have it take care of storing and transmitting their personal 
information, messages, photos, etc in a secure and privacy-aware way.

Now, we are considering XMPP for transmitting and encrypting the 
information, and I was hoping to get some answers and advice on this 

Would XMPP be a suitable message for servers that will go down every now 
and then (sometimes without an appropriate shutdown), and sometimes for 

Would you recommend mnesia or SQL for the database? Are there good 
repair tools for mnesia files?

Do you have any advice for me? What kind of problems am I likely to run 
in to?

Sorry for being a bit vague! If I seem a little confused it's only 
because I am...


Best regards,
Jon Kristensen

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