[jdev] Invisibility and MUCs

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sat May 28 10:36:53 UTC 2011

Dnia 2011-02-22, wto o godzinie 14:35 +0000, Will Thompson pisze:
> Yesterday I accidentally set myself to invisible, and realised that
> I'd
> parted all the MUCs I was in. I went off to consult XEP-0126 and
> XEP-0186 to see what they say about MUCs, and the answer—to my
> surprise—is “nothing”. 

The beauty of mapping MUC rooms to nodes is that from the presence
distribution point of view, there is nothing special in MUC room. It's
just another entity you send presence to.

So you should use any means available in the invisibility XEP you use,
to become selectively visible to some contacts. These same means can be
used to stay active in selected MUC rooms.

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