[jdev] Suggestions on Component Architecture

andy nes andynes83 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 14:53:23 UTC 2012


I am new to XMPP and new to event based(Asynchronous) programming , hence I
need guidance in structuring my XMPP based application.

We are building a real time location based service where XMPP forms the
communications framework. The plan is to use pubsub functionality to get
the geolocation from various users. The business data, including
co-ordinates is persisted in MySQL database.

The business logic layer connects to the XMPP server as a Component. One of
the tasks of the business logic component is also to store the data in the

*Here's the question* - Should I have to structure my business logic
application using an event based framework such as Twisted to take the
advantage of the concurrent connection capability of XMPP?

To put the question in other words, if I design my business logic on
djangoframework, which is a synchronous framework, will it create
bottle neck for
rest of the system? If django doesn't work efficiently, should I use
Twisted (or a similar asynchronous framework) to build my business logic

Forgive my noob-ness in the question. As mentioned earlier, this is my
first foray into XMPP and event based programming.

Any suggestions on general architecture to build components for XMPP based
applications are most welcome.

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