[jdev] Suggestions on Component Architecture

Jonas Wielicki xmpp-dev at sotecware.net
Fri Nov 16 15:22:38 UTC 2012

On 15.11.2012 15:53, andy nes wrote:
> *Here's the question* - Should I have to structure my business logic
> application using an event based framework such as Twisted to take the
> advantage of the concurrent connection capability of XMPP?
> To put the question in other words, if I design my business logic on
> djangoframework, which is a synchronous framework, will it create
> bottle neck for
> rest of the system? If django doesn't work efficiently, should I use
> Twisted (or a similar asynchronous framework) to build my business logic
> component?
I'm in doubt that this is the right place to ask this. You're basically
asking a question more about software engineering than about XMPP. Maybe
you want to use other resources on the web to figure that out.

Anyways, I for myself would definetly choose an asynchronous library for
working with such a high amount of connections, regardless of the
transport. Being event driven will probably be the best.


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